Typically the mention of a private equity real estate firm will cause most people’s eyes to glaze over. However at Harris Bay, we have used our years of experience to apply our methodical and analytical approach of investing infused with the purpose of creating world class design and function. What you get when you mix the two is a vibrant exciting focus on changing the world through real estate that resonate with the market but also has the foundational strength of methodical investing.


Our Mission

We use our entrepreneurial outlook on the markets to generate terrific returns that outperform the market benchmarks. We do this through our fundamental opportunistic and value add investment strategies. However at our core we want to build lasting and successful relationships with our clients through integrity, trust, and commitment. We do understand that there is a huge amount of responsibility that is involved in managing and investing capital. Which we don't take lightly, as we invest every dollar as if it was our own. By making sure our due diligence is world class and using a highly transparent accounting and controller auditing process we can help control cost and maximize returns for our investment partners. 

Although we don't have a crystal ball that can accurately predict the markets, we are very aware that there is risk in investing capital and exposure to changes in those markets beyond our control. In response over several years we have developed a process for evaluating and viewing those markets as we are actively working those processes we are able to better adjust our investment strategies more quickly to help mitigate that risk. 

I have worked and invested with Jake Harris for over five years continue to invest with his Group. Jake has a complete understanding of the Real Estate market and I have always enjoyed a healthy return on my investment. His 360 degree view of the Market is very assuring. I endorse Jake and encourage anyone to meet with him to gain a current perceptive of today’s Real Estate Market status!
— Steven Galvez - Sacramento CA