Sunglo Gas Station Transforms into Sunglo Urban Homes

Sunglo Urban Homes (Coming soon - 2016)

Sunglo Urban Homes (Coming soon - 2016)

Below is a link to a project featured in the San Antonio Business Journal. It has a brief mention of Harris Bay as we have come in as a JV partner in the project with the lead developer Efraim Varga of Varga Endeavors.

At Harris Bay, we have several ways in which we approach investing. This development opportunity allows us to leverage the experience of a local developer with an existing project and deliver quality returns to clients and investors.

San Antonio is a market we see a lot of upward momentum. Austin might get a lot of the national media coverage for its explosive growth. San Antonio is not far off from Austin in growth and getting a lot of attention from local and Texas-based investment groups.