TOP 25 JOB MARKETS helps people find jobs that they love, and informs them on the benefits and pay of those jobs on average. recently released an article on the top 25 job market cities according to three levels of criteria: Ease of getting a new job (hiring opportunity), how affordable it is to live there (cost of living), and how satisfied employees are with their work (job satisfaction).

The key takeaway from the article was that all of the 4 major markets in Texas (Austin #4, San Antonio #9, Dallas #14, and Houston #21) were named in this survey of top Job markets in the US. Best Cities               

At Harris Bay we have found that Jobs are probably the single largest factor for stable housing prices and often times fuel growth within a market, especially when you factor in affordability into that mix. This data is what led us to Texas in the first place. As we make our investment decision based on numbers we too let the data help direct us into what markets will give us the best and safest returns.

We are also interested in several other markets on this list but given the fact that Texas has this concentration of 4 of the top 25 markets it makes a lot of financial sense to direct much of our operational strength to the state of Texas vs 4 other markets across 4 different states.

Overall we are very bullish on Texas and cheerleading their ability to create high paying jobs, that employees are satisfied with and in affordable areas. Even though we had much of this data about jobs in Texas it is nice to see others like coming up with the same statistical information.

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